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Digital Life: A Glimpse of NM Capstone Projects
Outstanding Ideas Create Innovative Results


Tuesday 1 May 2007 6-9pm

This year's selection of New Media Capstones includes online scrapbooking, voter modulated radio, experiments with sound and bone-conducting technology, digital museums, and much more. Check out what this year's students have to show at our public presentation on May 1st.

Capstone Fair - DPC Atrium - 6-7pm

 Video Games: The Future of Learning - Megan Tripler & John Doiron
Video games are a popular form of entertainment that most of the population have experienced. As such, gaming has a lot of potential for teaching, as is evident in the products made by the Leapfrog Company, and the Fly-pen, which help students with math homework and translates words from English to Spanish. Most educational institutions however, are not open to using video games to teach, and do not embrace the many uses of technology that help children who learn differently from others. To remedy this, my project will appeal to people not currently taking a language class, but want to learn. The project, Polyglot, will teach the written parts of language through a video game. This will enable the user to identify words in a language through examples and begin to understand how to speak it, and to be able to read literature written in that language. After using Polyglot, the users will develop skills in writing, reading, and speaking in a secondary dialect through the use of video games.

 Flash Event – Meghan Lucas-Maguire
A way for people to contribute to a Flash Mob.  What is a Flash Mob?  People gathering for the sole reason to cluster in one area before any one can say a thing, and leave just as quickly as they gathered.  Sound interesting?  My website will allow people to plan Flash Mobs in their own area, and get people of like interest to help them.

 Logo Evolution - Kallie Mehuren
Branding & Logo Design have been around for hundreds/thousands of years, the main reason for this is because of its ability to adapt to ever changing technology. I plan to cover the history of branding and logo design from early on to the present and project what I believe logos will be like in the future given the current advancements in technology.

Little Mac’s Guitar Challenge – Derek Johnson
An interactive computer game that you advance through by playing specific notes on an electric guitar.  In each level you will face a famous musician and if you play the given notes correctly, you will advance to the next stage, which will be more difficult...   

Second Thoughts – Lindsey McMorrow
Certain things happen within our lives and how we respond to these events shape us as people. They can be predictable or unexpected. Our lives can be affected greatly based upon our reactions. This video installation is an exploration of self and to provoke reflection amongst the viewer.
    Images will be projected through a structure built of glass and mirrors and reflected back onto a white wall. This will create a multi layered projection of the same image, which all look slightly different.

Shell Shock – Erin LeBlanc
For this project I intend to create an installation that links tactile human experiences with digital ones. I have created a monochromatic sculpture of a nautilus shell in an unnaturally large size, which will be placed in a room with video projected down into it’s basin. Bone conductive technology will transmit sound from the video when viewers make physical contact with the sculpture.

Capstone Panels - DPC 105 - 7-9pm

Panel: Audiovisual Experiments  
An Exploration of Color and Sound - Greg Bernard, Pat Shaw & Kyle Mitchell
Everyday person after person wakes up and they see light reflecting off all the surfaces of the world, they see color.  Along with the idea of color, there is also sound, waves of different frequencies and amplitudes flying around.  For some time now people have been curious as to the relationship between these two everyday occurrences.
    This relationship is a very complicated issue and many people have tried to make the correlation between color and sound.  One can look and begin to understand this issue by designing a space that allows for the exploration of the different theories.  Thus providing an opportunity for one to observe the correlations people make and for the users to explore the relationship themselves.
    In order to explore this relationship we are building a “living” system that can learn and evolve over time within the boundaries of its medium, that medium being a physical space.  The physical space in this case is a labyrinth.  The labyrinth will serve as a medium to explore the relationship between color and sound.

Electronically Mediated Communication Experience (EMCE):  An Interactive Multimedia Installation - Alexander Gross & Will Seyffer

EMCE will be an interactive multimedia installation, which explores what happens when the traditional, physical, interaction space of an installation is extended to allow for the participation of virtual users.  The interaction will be multifaceted, as the system will react to the sensed actions of both real and virtual participants.  This will result in the formation of a sort of communication conduit that bridges the gap between the physical and virtual environments.  This communication will be mediated through the interactive system in a way that final experience becomes greater than the sum of all sensed interactions/communications.

Rewind…Play - Lauren Quaglia & Zach Nugent
A video installation that will closely examine the parallels between historical and current world discrimination. Visuals will include photographs, documentaries, news footage, and movies. Sound will play a crucial role in this installation, as we will use famous speeches from world leaders, breaking news headlines, radio clips, as well as found and created song.

Panel: Time and Place 
 Experispace – Matt Leavitt
Every single person has some kind of personal experience with time and place. Experispace is a project aimed at mapping and networking those experiences with the physical realm and connecting to other people based on those experiences.
    By using mapping technology features Experispace creates a community experience based on experiences, memories, and lives. Projects like MySpace and Facebook come up shallow at best, and this aims at recreating the stories of our lives of the outside world of trees and rocks. The world we here we grew up.

Location Scout – Chris Violette
Where to get that perfect shot is just as important in filmmaking as getting your actors to perform well.  Even with the best actors, a bad location can lose the audience and make your film less believable.  This problem is exactly what Location Scout will try to solve--finding great filming locations.  A community-driven site, members can share locations they have used in their films and browse through others' locations, hopefully resulting in everyone finding that hidden gem they never knew existed.  A site for amateurs and professionals alike, Location Scout is a place for everyone to share their knowledge and experience and help to create better films.

Our Legacy – Alayna White
Our Legacy is a place where people can go to share events in their lives and create their own life legacy.  Each user has his/her own legacy: a timeline of events that make up his/her life.  Events on a user's timeline are added by creating an event, contributing to another event, or by just adding yourself to another event!  Like a scrapbook, each event has images and text describing what went on.  At Our Legacy though, many different people can contribute by adding images, text, and/or video.  This way, events are fully represented by everyone who was there.  Each event on a person's timeline represents part of a legacy that can now be treasured and shared forever.

Panel: Alternative Channels
 Version Conservatory – Jason Haberzettl
This project seeks to preserve and display the history of digital invasions that have been made within the Metaverse know as Second Life.  There are all sorts of museums and galleries across the world that display the first wheel, the first gun, and so forth.  This seeks to re-create that mentality of preservation within a digital environment, so that in the future, people can see who made the first particle system?  Who was the first to release something in SL under an official GPL?  Drop by at secondlife://vasilii/110/132.

VM Radio – Gary Nealey, Derek Myska, & Joe Grace
Welcome to Voter Modulated (VM) Radio where your opinions count. This site and the functionality was designed thought of and developed by Gary Nealey, Derek Myska, and Joe Grace for their Capstone Project at the University of Maine in Orono. As you can see production has already begun, checks back frequently to view new updates and test the system.
    The idea is to create a broadcast radio station that is not controlled by any major corporation or company but by the users that listen to the radio station itself. The system would consist of a radio transmitter, a web interface and a stream of the audio.

Panel: Performance Anxiety

Legion – Steven Lindquist    
“Legion” is a film chronicling one man’s fall into chaos.  Upon finding a strange black stone, everything that kept his life stable and content is taken away.  In the days that follow he must confront various monstrosities, each representing his own sins.   Will he survive long enough to learn the truth about the black stone, as well as himself, or will he fall victim to the darkness within.  His name is Legion, for he has many demons.


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Updated: 2007-04-27 by Jon Ippolito

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Posted 2007-04-26 10:44:05 by Danielle Hotham
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Congratulations! [Jon Ippolito, 2007-05-02 14:57:58]

Congratulations to everyone--this was a terrific event and impressed folks from both inside and outside the department!

response [Brady Keezer, 2007-05-03 13:27:37]

I really enjoyed the capstone projects, the film by Zach was especially intriging. The way he made it and the problems with it I can relate to, and I think that is what I want to do for my capstone project.

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