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Mike Scott
"I don't want students just to get their hands dirty; I want them to get their minds dirty."
Mike Scott
New Media Program
5713 Chadbourne Hall
The University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5713
tel 207 581-4359
fax 207 581-4357

Mike Scott specializes in the Interactivity Sequence and is the director of ASAP research and development.

New Media and Internet Technology Lab (ASAP Media Service (Director)
ASAP is an ongoing experiment in education where students are provided an environment and the incentive to complete projects that will stretch their creativity and explore their full range of abilities. In this environment, technology is considered a tool which students learn by using. They complete multimedia projects that combine traditional mediums through computer technology and communicate information in new and innovative ways. At ASAP, the value and importance of the process must remain the highest priority. ASAP maintains that any final product (an interactive kiosk, educational CD-ROM, WWW site, digital video, or traditional publication) must be representative of the development of creative thought, technical understanding and the dynamic collaboration which created it. If the product is a result of these learning processes, then ASAP has succeeded in its mission.

Access Grid
The Access Grid website (http://www.accessgrid.org/) defines the Access Grid project as:

An ensemble of resources including multimedia large-format displays, presentation and interactive environments, and interfaces to Grid middleware and to visualization environments.

These resources are used to support group-to-group interactions across the Grid.
Co-Developed Maine Academic Prominence Initiative proposal March 2005 with Owen Smith for development of a New Media Research and Development Lab. A research, development and prototype lab, the New Media Research and Development Lab (hereafter NMRD Lab) would combine and reconfigure two existing, well established, elements in our program as well as reach to collaborate with other faculty members across campus.

Applied for an Online Course Grant from the Distance Education Advisory Committee to develop an online course for NMD 102 Fundamentals of Information Systems. New course materials and assignments will be developed for this online course, including research of emerging technologies, exploring of software applications for the creation and analysis of distributed media. Part of this course will include communication through the implementation and use of video-conferencing from web-based systems up to the emerging Internet2 Access Grid technologies.

Worked extensively with the Multimedia Art Research Centers and Electronic Laboratories (MARCEL), which was formed to provide a network of institutions involved in the collaboration between artists, artistic establishments and the public and private sectors in building a permanent high band-width network for artistic experimentation.

Ayers Island Arts Incubator
Ayers Island is headquarters for STArt Group (Science Art Technology Group), an international group of artists, scientists and technologists working on developing activities connecting these three sectors and making use of modern technology. A premise for the incubator is that creativity in one sphere tends to stimulate creativity in others and so seeks to foster creativity in all spheres.

Courses taught: NMD 202 Dynamic Web Development, NMD 206, NMD 207, NMD 295, NMD 302, NMD 306, NMD 460, NMD 490 Independent Study, NMD 498 Project Design, and NMD 499 Project Design II.