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Bill Kuykendall
"It's not about you."
Bill Kuykendall
New Media Program
402 Chadbourne Hall
The University of Maine
Orono, ME 04469-5713
tel 207 581-4403
fax 207 581-4357

BILL KUYKENDALL currently serves as Senior Lecturer in New Media and Cooperating Professor of Communication and Journalism at the University of Maine and as Associate Professor Emeritus of Journalism at the University of Missouri. From 2000 to 2004, he served as Libra Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Director of New Media at the University of Maine.

Kuykendall holds an MA in Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota and a BA in Zoology from West Virginia University. Before joining UMaine, he taught photojournalism and newspaper management and directed the annual Pictures of the Year contest and Missouri Photo Workshop at the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia. He helped found and lead photojournalism workshops in Bulgaria in 1991 and in Bulgaria and Hungary in 1992 and served on the University of Miami Somosfoto Workshop in Quito, Ecuador in 2005.

Kuykendall has served as photo director of the Seattle Times, freelance photographer, consultant, magazine editor, and print and multimedia designer. He is a recipient of the Newspaper Picture Editor of the Year award and Robin F. Garland Teacher of the Year awards from the National Press Photographers Association and the Gold Quill award from the International Association of Business Communicators.

Kuykendall serves as production photographer for the Penobscot Theatre Company of Bangor, does documentary photography on a variety of topics, and conducts community new media workshops for the City of Bangor and selected islands in the Gulf of Maine.
Journalists of today must be more knowledgeable, better skilled, more versatile, and more adaptable than any of their kind who have come before. They must know both how to mine and make sense of massive amounts of data and how to discover and give voice to lone individuals whose personal experiences clarify great issues and place them in a human perspective.

They must know how to inform and entertain with sight and sound, with voice, text and image, and to package and deliver stories to audiences. They must be team players able at one moment to lead and at another to play a supporting role for their colleagues as well as for growing communities of citizen journalists.

At times they must be independent and entrepreneurial, at times a partner, and at times a facilitator for others. And, because the media world that exists when they matriculate as freshmen will not be the world that they enter upon graduation, they must help their teachers anticipate the worlds to come and to assist them in the ongoing evolution of the curriculum, a process that they must continue personally throughout their careers.
Kuykendall serves as one of 27 UMaine faculty members who are participating in the HUD Community Outreach Partnership grant, the goal of which is to strengthen bonds between UMaine and the City of Bangor while developing new and existing programming for youth, the elderly, and other underserved constituencies.  The $396,281 grant, which is being administered by the Margaret Chase Smith Center on Public Policy, will fund a variety of activities during the next three and one half years. Kuykendall leads a team of student, faculty and community documentarians who are creating a variety of rich media materials that document the activities of grant participants and the community that they serve. 

Kuykendall serves as production photographer for Bangor's Penobscot Theatre Company. His candid and staged pictures are used on the Penobscot Theatre Company website, in advertising posters and flyers, in support of grant requests, and in PTC printed promotional literature. The 2006-07 season features performances of Falsettos, Tuesdays with Morrie, A Christmas Carol, The Santaland Diaries, Communicating Doors, and I Am My Own Wife

For the past three years, Kuykendall has worked with Dr. Pauleena MacDougall, associate director of the Maine Folklike Center, on a series of photographs, video recordings and oral histories of former employees of the defunct Eastern Fine Paper Mill in Brewer, Maine. This activity is supported by a grant from the Maine Humanities Council and will be published in a DVD that will be distributed to selected educators, paper industry leaders, legislators, and opinion leaders in summer of 2007.

Kuykendall serves on the Board of Trustees, the Academic Council, and the Executive Committee of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine.   Salt is one of the premiere centers for documentary education serving anthropologists, sociologists, journalists and others with a passion for candid photography.

He also works with Maine Rural Partners, the Maine Sea Coast Mission,  and other NGOs to promote sustainable programs of community-based new media literacy throughout the state of Maine.
NMD 100 - Introduction to New Media

NMD 201 / CMJ 261 - Photographic Reporting & Storytelling

NMD 301 / CMJ 361 - Documentary Photo & Audio

INT 282 - Marketing Innovation