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Meeting Your Advisor
Every prospective and actual New Media major is assigned a New Media faculty person as advisor. You can contact your advisor at any time during the school year to discuss academic or personal issues affecting your progress through the program.

The most common time for students to meet with their advisors, however, is immediately before registering for the next semester's courses.
 Here are the NMD advisors as of Fall 2011:

Ackley, Megan Elizabeth - Scott, Michael
Anderson, Heather Kay - Latour, Laurence
Armes, Michelle Leigh - Kuykendall, William
Bailey, Abigail Julia - Latour, Laurence
Barker, Ellie Lynn - Blais, Joline
Beauman, Tyler Geoffrey - Ippolito, Jon
Benton, Joadi Nykole - Kuykendall, William
Blanchette, Nathan Mark - Ippolito, Jon
Blodgett, Mariah Shannon - Latour, Laurence
Bouchard, Bryan Joseph - Scott, Michael
Bouffard, Adam Joshua - Ippolito, Jon
Bowden, Courtney Lynne - Latour, Laurence
Breton, Matthew Alan - Blais, Joline
Brown, Benjamin Howard - Scott, Michael
Brown, Travis Christian - Ippolito, Jon
Bryant, Christopher Kendal - Blais, Joline
Burg, Thomas M - Kuykendall, William
Caret, Shelby Rosemarie - Ippolito, Jon
Chamberland, Adam Jordan - Scott, Michael
Cole, Travis Marshall - Scott, Michael
Coleman, Peter Hale - Latour, Laurence
Collinsworth, Amy Michelle - Blais, Joline
Couturier, Joshua Scott - Ippolito, Jon
Cox, Hillary Annette - Blais, Joline
Cunningham, Jonathan Forester - Ippolito, Jon
Cyr, Mary (on leave) - Blais, Joline
Dapice, Coralie Suzanna - Blais, Joline
Davidson, Emily Louise - Kuykendall, William
Dolloff, Charles Lamson - Ippolito, Jon
Dolloff, Eli Evan - Latour, Laurence
Donaldson, Taylar Nichole - Blais, Joline
Dong, Hong Yi - Ippolito, Jon
Douglass, Kristen Jean - Scott, Michael
Dreher, Jeffrey Scott - Kuykendall, William
Duncan, Kyle Thomas - Latour, Laurence
Dunn, Caroline Elizabeth - Latour, Laurence
Farrell, Melissa Jeanne - Blais, Joline
Ferretti, Mark Louis - Ippolito, Jon
Forand, Scott - Blais, Joline
Foster, Samuel Augustine - Scott, Michael
Fouchereaux, Thomas Blaise - Latour, Laurence
Galgano, Elise Marie - Ippolito, Jon
Gilks, James Harland - Scott, Michael
Gordon, David Lee - Kuykendall, William
Graunke, Scott Hamilton - Kuykendall, William
Gutowski, Abigale Jane - Latour, Laurence
Guy, Jordan Robert - Latour, Laurence
Haddix, Ellison Lee Beck - Kuykendall, William
Hamm, Emma Elizabeth - Ippolito, Jon
Hanson, Jessica K - Ippolito, Jon
Heald, Lindsay Marie - Kuykendall, William
Heretakis, Andrew Charles - Scott, Michael
Herold-Porter, Benjamin Edward - Latour, Laurence
Hogan, Megan Jane - Kuykendall, William
Hood, Leslie Ann - Latour, Laurence
Howard, Emma Louise - Blais, Joline
Insko, Jayce Charles - Kuykendall, William
Kendall, Lena Elizabeth - Latour, Laurence
Kim, Hayeon - Kuykendall, William
King, Michaela Marie - Scott, Michael
Knight, James Earl - Scott, Michael
Kolmar, Philip Snyder - Latour, Laurence
Lawson, Nathaniel George - Ippolito, Jon
Lee, Nicholas Weiland - Scott, Michael
LeGassie, Trevor - Latour, Laurence
Levy, Nicole Mei Ling - Blais, Joline
Lusk, Ian Stuart - Scott, Michael
McAuley, Ryan Peter Alexander - Kuykendall, William
McCann, Jonathan Ross - Blais, Joline
McCann, Timothy Jacob - Kuykendall, William
McCarthy, Davis Edwin James - Kuykendall, William
McGinley, Ian J - Blais, Joline
McGrath, Joshua Emanuel - Ippolito, Jon
McGuire, Rory Patrick - Ippolito, Jon
Merrill, Cynthia Ann - Kuykendall, William
Miller, Rebecca Jo - Latour, Laurence
Millett-Whitney, Thomas Eugene - Latour, Laurence
Mills, Mariah Rose Marie - Kuykendall, William
Mitchell, Cameron Fraser - Scott, Michael
Moody, Jordan Leigh - Scott, Michael
Morin, Zakkary Abdul - Blais, Joline
Morrow, Alexander H - Blais, Joline
Morrow, Jillian H - Kuykendall, William
Moulton, Jennifer - Latour, Laurence
Murphy, Patrick John - Blais, Joline
Nichols, Sarah Ann - Blais, Joline
O'Brien, Derek Hance - Kuykendall, William
O'Brien, Evan Christenson - Scott, Michael
O'Connor, Dustin Wood - Smith, Owen
Olsen, Arthur James - Kuykendall, William
Palmer, Kiernan Sean - Blais, Joline
Panaswich, Lauren Elizabeth - Kuykendall, William
Paul, Adam Casey - Scott, Michael
Payzant, Diane Marie - Smith, Owen
Pendleton, Brittney Jean - Blais, Joline
Philbrick, Kelsey Lyn - Scott, Michael
Phillips, Richard - Kuykendall, William
Poli, Brandon Michael - Latour, Laurence
Pottle, Ryan N - Blais, Joline
Powers, Scott Roger - Kuykendall, William
Priole, Allison Elizabeth - Blais, Joline
Protzmann, Christopher William - Kuykendall, William
Prymowicz, Jeffrey M - Scott, Michael
Quinn, Hallie Jade - Latour, Laurence
Quint, Jacy Kay - Ippolito, Jon
Rampe, Jeffrey Jose - Latour, Laurence
Rice, Joseph Edward - Ippolito, Jon
Richards, Lucas James - Scott, Michael
Robbins, Andrew Stephen - Ippolito, Jon
Robinson, Sarah E. - Kuykendall, William
Robitaille, Lucas Tyler - Ippolito, Jon
Rodrigo, Randima Rukshan - Scott, Michael
Rollins, Nicholas Heath - Scott, Michael
Rosen, Marley (on leave) - Ippolito, Jon
Roskosh, Nicholas Alexander - Blais, Joline
Rubin, Nicole Elizabeth - Latour, Laurence
SanAngelo, Kelsey Nichole - Kuykendall, William
Scofield, Sarah Elizabeth - Scott, Michael
Searle, David Johnathan - Ippolito, Jon
Shimmel, Duane F - Scott, Michael
Shina, Renee Anne - Smith, Owen
Smith, Regina Katherine - Kuykendall, William
Smith, Seth Joseph - Scott, Michael
Spaulding, Jeffery Payeur - Ippolito, Jon
Sprague, Dustin Harris - Ippolito, Jon
St Michel, Katie Lynn - Scott, Michael
Stafford, Christopher Edward Gabriel - Latour, Laurence
Stewart Libby, Charles James Willis - Ippolito, Jon
Stewart, Nicholas Winslow - Scott, Michael
Stewart, Robert Cameron - Scott, Michael
Strout, Megan Elizabeth - Blais, Joline
Sullivan, Ryan Nathaniel - Latour, Laurence
Talbot, Stephen Robert - Ippolito, Jon
Timoney, Neal James - Ippolito, Jon
Triglione Jr, Anthony James - Latour, Laurence
Wahle, Ryan Andreas - Latour, Laurence
Waite, Zachary Benn - Ippolito, Jon
Warnock, Bethany - Latour, Laurence
Watt, Dylan Nassi - Blais, Joline
Welch, Lucas Nolan - Latour, Laurence
Werner, Anna Gabrielle - Kuykendall, William
Whitaker, Charlotte Emily - Blais, Joline
Williams, Chelsea Dalis - Blais, Joline
Winters, James Christian - Latour, Laurence
Woodhead, Elysa Louise - Blais, Joline
Zwerdling, Jordan Andrew - Ippolito, Jon
A week or more before registration, advisors contact their advisees via email to explain how to set up a meeting. Please follow their instructions; if they set up a special First Class conference or calendar, use that for correspondence instead of spamming their regular email address.

If you need to contact Velma Figgins by email, please include a specific subject line and your MaineStreet/PeopleSoft number in the body of the message. This will save her time when accessing your academic history.

The period around registration is a busy time for all New Media staff, and they appreciate your efforts to keep communication as efficient as possible.
Your advisor will tell you what to bring to your meeting. Commonly requested documents include:

  • MaineStreet Academic History printout
All your courses to date, from every semester of college here or elsewhere, including grades and credits. Log into MaineStreet.
  • New Media Requirements worksheet
An updated and completed form listing all the courses you have taken and/or intend to take in your current track. You can download this form at left under "Advising > Downloads." Please print and complete it before meeting your advisor.

(If you declared a NM major before fall 2002, you may substitute the old Curriculum Requirements sheet.)
  • General Education Requirements worksheet
Similar to the above form, but for Gen Ed requirements. You can download this form under "Advising > Downloads." Please print and complete it before meeting your advisor.
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements worksheet
Prospective juniors and seniors should complete this hardcopy form before meeting their advisor.

You can also often find extra copies of blank forms outside Joline Blais' office (CHD 400).
When your advisor meets with you, she or he will give you a PIN (RAN) number and your advising folder.

Using the copier code your advisor gives you, make a copy of any documents you wish from your folder.

Then be sure to put the original documents back in the folder and deliver these originals to Velma Figgins in CHD 426.

You will need your PIN number when you register online via MaineStreet.